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Dependable Mental Health Advice

On The Couch With Dr Liana

Radio Show and Podcast

On the Couch with Dr. Liana offers listeners personal and professional insights and sound advice that resonate with us all.

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Video Blog

Mental Health Videos,  Video Library, Video Content, VLOG, YouTube channel.

If you watch these videos they are able to be useful for living in more insightful ways and being motivated to make positive changes to your mental health and emotional well being. These videos are free to support the community in their mental health crises. Unfortunately, I am not able to help everyone in my office so I try to give back by creating tips and tools I can give you.

Articles and Publications

Articles, Publications, Guest Posts.

Dr. Liana has co-authored more than 50 WikiHow articles on topics ranging from supporting a depressed friend to dealing with an abusive partner. Learn more about what promotes mental well-being and what you can do to live more consciously. 

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Guided Meditations

Meditations, practices and exercises for well-being.

Commonly used meditations in her clinical practice, based on research based techniques. Daily practice is associated with many mental health and therapeutic gains such as: reductions of stress and anxiety, enhancement of peacefulness, reduced internal chatter, etc.

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Dr. Liana's mission is to expand public psychological awareness and to transform social relations so we can all live in more conscious ways.

Through media (writing, speaking, vlogging, and podcasts), Dr. Liana helps educate the public on the field of clinical psychology and serving diverse populations. Her goal is to help make sense of the social and cultural challenges we all face.